The Board of Trustees is the guardian of Congressional School’s mission. It is the responsibility of the Board to establish policies consistent with our mission, to provide fiduciary oversight of the school’s operations and to engage in long-range strategic planning to ensure Congressional’s future success.

Board committees include: Advancement (Admission, Marketing, Communications, and Fundraising), Committee on Trustees, Executive, Finance, and Strategic Planning.


Daniel Timm, Board Chair

Michael Gilbert, Vice Chair

Curtis Anderson,  Treasurer

Alejandra Almonte, Secretary


Sandra Buteau

Tom Coolidge

Kristen Griest

Bud Harrell

Damian Jones

Juanita Koilpillai

Justin Miller

Andrea Weiss, Interim Head of School

Todd West


William W. Devers, Founding Family, Chair Emeritus
Gretchen Devers, Founding Family
Lindsey Devers Basileo, Founding Family