Infants - Under 3 Years Old

Congressional School's Early Childhood program for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years is more than a day care. Our program is specifically designed to nurture the physical, emotional and cognitive needs of young children. Emphasis is given to language development, fine and gross motor skills, self-awareness, building relationships with others, exploring the environment, and preparation for our advanced academic program beginning in preschool.

When parents see their children on daily walks enjoying the beauty of nature, or when they see their children sharing and playing with others, they get a glimpse of some of the things that make our Early Childhood program special – but when they see the chemistry that grows between the children and their caregivers, they understand just how special.


Our Early Childhood Program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Early Childhood Wait Pool


Opportunities to join our program:

Admission season:

As an Independent school we have a traditional admission season that starts in October and ends in March. In March, we send out enrollment contracts for the upcoming fall start of school. Families that are admitted for the fall could possibly receive a call over the summer with an offer to start sooner depending on movement in our program.

Openings throughout the school year:

Early Childhood families can give their 60-day notice and withdraw from the program at any time. When we receive notice, we will go to the wait pool to fill the spot.

Our Program:

We have 6 infant and toddler classes. Each class has a range of 6-8 months between the youngest and oldest in the class. We have one class per age range. Our students will stay together from September to August and transition at the start of the school year in the fall.

How to start the process:

Complete our online application and we recommend sharing as much information as possible. We want to learn about your family and love it when the family photo is included.

Applicants are automatically added to the wait pool. We will reach out to families when we are able to offer admission.

How are we different:

  • School Calendar
  • Students remain together from September- August and transition to their next class at the end of August
  • 40-Acre Campus with students between infant and 8th grade

What are we looking for:

  • Families that share our core values
  • Families interested in staying through 8th grade
  • Families looking to be part of a vibrant family-like community

Kim O'Neil
Assistant Head of School and Director of Early Childhood and Primary School

Learn More about Kim O'Neil


Stephanie Hecker
Early Childhood Coordinator

Learn More about Stephanie Hecker

Are you a current parent with questions about transportation? Please contact:


Julio Lopez
Auxiliary Program Coordinator



Accredited and Licensed

Faculty specialists teach music, PE, and library

Catered meals and snacks, designed by a nutritionist

40 Acre Campus Ready for Exploration

No-Screen, Play-Based Program

Focus on Parent Partnership


Monday through Friday


Months per Year


Dedicated, Age-Appropriate Playgrounds


Two On-Campus Clinics with Full-Time, Licensed Nurses


Specialty Classes Taught by Experts: PE, Library and Music


1:4 (children under 16 months)
1:5 (children 16-24 months)
1:8 (ages 2-3)

Movement and Learning

In Early Childhood, we continually look for new ways to connect with our students and make learning meaningful. Read about movement and learning in our classrooms.


To learn more or ask questions please contact:

Amanda Carbury
Director of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid