Peek in a Congressional classroom, and you may see students eagerly trying to figure out a set of mystery powders or Skyping French-speaking peers on the other side of the world. When learning is engaging and experiential, it is also deep and long-lasting. Rather than teaching facts for a test, we teach concepts and skills for a lifetime, encouraging our inquisitive young minds to keep questioning and exploring and preparing them for a complex future.

Thanks to our comprehensive, interdisciplinary, challenging, and age-appropriate academic program, we foster students’ intellectual development, employing the best of traditional and innovative approaches. Through equally intentional curricula, we nourish children’s social and emotional growth, too.


Our balanced, research-based program offers advanced academics in a student-centered, active learning environment. The best of both innovative and traditional approaches, our rigorous curriculum fosters a growth mindset where students are challenged to think critically, take risks, and reach their full potential.


Our dynamic, talented, and experienced faculty members are committed to teaching young learners. They take teaching personally, providing an education that is child-centered and child-empowering, exciting as well as inspiring.

Meet division directors and academic leaders, and browse our full directory of faculty and staff.