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Congressional has two libraries that serve as resources for our students.

The Early Childhood, Preschool and Junior Kindergarteners enjoy a multi-use learning space that is warm and inviting, and full of books designed for our youngest and smallest students at Congressional.

The Kindergarten – Grade 8 school building is a large, light-filled space with reading nooks and desks offering space for individual reading and collaborative learning and research. The library is stocked with thousands of print and digital resources including journals, magazines, informational databases, and print books.

Our librarian and media specialist seeks to inspire in students a lifelong love of reading and to support teachers in the integration of new technologies into the learning environment.  Students and parents can log on to our online library to search titles in our extensive collection of digital and print media.


We believe that reading is of vital importance to children's personal and intellectual development, as well as to their academic achievement. Students of all ages read every day with kindergarten through 8th grade reading for a full 30 minutes each and every day. Even our faculty pick up their books and read while their students do. We're striving to instill not only reading skills but a love of reading.



Technology is integrated into classrooms in meaningful and authentic ways and iPads are available to students in all grades. All Middle School students are issued individual iPads through our 1:1 device program, and Smartboards are available in every classroom.


Chromebook Program for Preschool - Grade 8


SmartBoard in Every Preschool - Grade 8 Classroom Across Campus

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3D Printers and a Laser Cutter

At Congressional, technology is used to maximize the student learning experience; however, we also believe in providing many opportunities for students to learn and play without the use of technological devices, striking just the right balance.


Preschool - Grade 8 have a 1:1 device program to be used in age-appropriate ways and time amounts.

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In Preschool and Junior Kindergarten, iPads are used for math, language arts and free choice time. These applications of technology help to push the students to learn new ideas, try new activities, and become not only familiar with technology and its applications, but to become proficient with technology.


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In Kindergarten, students use iPads as a center during language arts. This center is completely independent and the students are self-guided during this time. They are told which apps or games would be appropriate for learning a skill and then they are responsible for undertaking each activity. Such experiences take learning through play to a new level, as the students discover and explore the games, as well as the specific technologies they are using.

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In Grades 1-4, technology is used for research projects, specifically planning, researching, creating and presenting. Apps are used to support curriculum and to practice, reinforce or extend learning.

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In Grades 5-8, technology is used for instructional purposes, and with every student having an Chromebook, they are also used for direct communication with students (and parents). Technology provides numerous opportunities to differentiate and supplement learning.


An introduction to coding and robotics concepts in the classroom begins as young as preschool and junior kindergarten. Learn more about coding at Congressional School and our desire behind it.