Tuition 2023-2024

Early Childhood                                 $29,900              (12 Month Program)          
Preschool - Jr Kindergarten             $28,300               (September to June)          
Kindergarten - Grade 1                     $30,400              (September to June)          
Grades 2 - 4                                         $31,900              (September to June)          
Grades 5 - 6                                         $34,300              (September to June)          
Grades 7 - 8                                         $34,500              (September to June)          

Are you thinking that a Congressional education may be beyond your reach?

It's more affordable than you think! 

Tuition Also Includes (2023-2024)

  • All teacher requested supplies for students in Kindergarten- 8th grade
  • Field trips (more than 40 a year collectively) in preschool-grade 8 including four overnight excursions in middle school
  • Technology (including 1:1 devices for students in Preschool - Grade 8)
  • Textbooks
  • Athletic (JV and Varsity) team participation and uniforms
  • High school placement services

Not Included in Tuition 2023-2024

Available to all families Preschool - Grade 8. The annual fee (2.6% of tuition) are listed below for each grade level:

PS - Jr. K*                       $736                   

Grades K - 1                   $790           

Grades 2 - 4                   $829            

Grades 5 - 6                   $892         

Grades 7 - 8                   $897      

*Preschool and Junior Kindergarten tuition insurance claims require “in person” attendance for the fourteen consecutive calendar days requirement. Online attendance for this fourteen consecutive day attendance requirement for preschool and junior kindergarten is no longer valid for a claim.

Availability of routes is subject to minimum ridership participation. Transportation is available to students in preschool and older.

AM Only              $2,500

PM Only*            $3,075

Round Trip*        $3,725

*The Afternoon Bus departs at 4:40 p.m. and includes one hour of Extended Hours Program. 

For siblings, there is a 15% discount.

Only middle schoolers (5th-8th grades) with signed parent waivers can be dropped off without a parent present.

Visit our Transportation page for more information and to see the routes available.

Available for students Preschool - Grade 8. The annual fees are listed below:

AM Only (Opens at 7am)        $1,980

PM Only (Closes at 6pm)       $4,450

Both AM and PM                   $6,090

AM Drop In Fee**                    $20

PM Drop In Fee                       $35

Visit our Extended Hours page for more information.

Annual Fees are listed below:

PS - Jr. K: Full Lunch                         $1,769

PS - Jr. K: Milk Only                           $155

K - 8: Full Lunch                                $1,979*

K - 8: Gluten-Free Full Lunch            $2,460*

K - 8: Milk Only                                  $155

K- 8: Pizza Friday                               $388

K - 8: Gluten-Free Pizza Friday          $430

*Includes Pizza Friday

Enrollment deposit of $1,000 is required with contract and will be applied to the first tuition installment.

A one-time new student registration fee of $500 will be billed with first tuition installment.

NOTE: Tuition subject to annual increases


Number of Payments
One Payment July 1 Early Childhood - Grade 8
Two Payments July 1 and December 1 Early Childhood - Grade 8
Ten Payments Monthly: July- April Early Childhood - Grade 8
Twelve Payments Monthly: July - June Early Childhood Only

* The ten and twelve month payment plans are subject to a 2% finance charge (based on full tuition).


Congressional School is pleased to offer need-based financial aid to children enrolled in preschool - 8th grade. 

Congressional School uses a 3rd party platform to objectively determine a family’s ability to contribute to their child(ren)'s educational expenses. The platform will provide the School with a recommended grant amount, and Congressional’s Financial Aid Committee will then make a final determination regarding the amount of the financial aid award. School budget constraints may limit the number and size of financial aid awards. Per school policy, need-based financial aid is only available to students in preschool through 8th grade and our maximum award is 80%. All applications are held in strict confidence. In addition, families must re-apply for financial aid on an annual basis.

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, tell us at the beginning of the admission process. We recommend completing the admission application and financial aid application simultaneously.

The first-round Financial Aid Application Deadline is January 12, 2024, at 4 p.m.

Applicants must complete the Admission application process to be considered for Financial Aid. To be considered for the first round of grants, financial aid applications are due on January 12, 2024, at 4 p.m.

Applications received after this time will be reviewed based on any funds available after the first round is complete. Second-round awards will be offered on a rolling basis until the budget is exhausted.

January 12, 2024         

Deadline for Financial Aid Applications

February 1, 2024          

Re-Enrollment Contracts and Financial Aid Notification sent to Current Families

March 1, 2024          

Admission & Financial Aid Notification sent to Prospective Families

Applicants should complete the admission process as well as the financial aid process. The deadline for both the admission and financial aid process is on January 12, 2024. Notifications to new families are sent out electronically on March 1, 2024

More information about the Financial Aid application portal will be provided soon.  

  • Current year estimated tax information
  • Copy of most recent W-2 forms (to be uploaded)
  • Copy of most recent completed tax forms (to be uploaded)

Completed tax forms for current year will be required before a final grant decision is made, as the initial financial aid grant will be estimated until confirmed with your complete future tax information. Please complete your Federal Income Tax Return as early as possible.



Feel free to reach out to Rachel Douglass, Interim Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid, with any questions about financing your education.


Click the video above to hear from some of our parents as they talk finances.


To learn more or ask questions please contact:

Amanda Carbury
Director of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid