Janet March, Head of School

"It is an honor to serve a private school with such a proud history of making a positive difference in the lives of young learners for more than 76 years. It is a  privilege to be part of this vibrant school community as we work to shape the future, and prepare our children to become the leaders of tomorrow.”


At Congressional, we are dedicated to young learners. Serving infants to eighth graders, we understand children in this age range and that the best way to launch them on lifetimes of enthusiastic learning is to nurture their sense of academic adventure. We want—and cultivate—explorers; children with intellectual curiosity and a risk-taking mentality. We provide the kind of educational experience that encourages inquisitive young minds to ask questions and, with just the right instruction and guidance, discover not only the answers, but all that they can be.

We do this by providing a challenging academic experience that is far more than test deep. Here students go beyond “Who?” “What?” and “Where?” to ask “How?” and “Why?,” building long-term understanding for a complex future. Our dynamic, talented, and experienced faculty know their students, how to teach them, and are committed to each child’s personal growth - intellectual, physical, social and emotional. Students are encouraged to explore the world within as well as the world outside, taking advantage of our beautiful 40-acre campus and all that our surrounding area offers as our campus is 10 short miles away from our nation’s capital.

Getting to know what Congressional offers starts with getting to know our community which is diverse, authentic and caring. In this exuberant, intimate, and safe learning environment, all are welcome. And because of our clear and constant focus on young learners and their needs, kids can be kids, parents are encouraged to be involved, and everyone is known, seen and heard.

We invite you to explore all that Congressional offers children and their families.

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Janet F. Marsh
Head of School