In addition to the Extended Hours Program, students may also enroll in a variety of after school electives. Examples of after school classes include FitKids Sports Mix, Lemonade Stand Entrepreneurs, Tinkerlab, Chess Wizards, Joy of Dance, and Equine Lessons, among many others. Designed to be both informative and engaging, the courses available run from 6-8 weeks, rotating on a trimester basis. Offerings vary per trimester based on availability and space.

Registration for these very popular electives is available at an additional cost. They are run by knowledgeable Congressional teachers and staff as well as outside vendors, and they provide an exciting addition to students’ experience at Congressional.

To register for After School Activities, please click here.

Mondays (April 1 to June 3)

Preschool: Joy of Dance Pre Primary I

When: Monday 3:45‐4:30 p.m.

Grade(s): Preschool

Price: $200.00

Little dancers love this enchanting adventure in dance exploration. Children develop rhythm, grace, poise, coordination, and musicality through pre‐primary classical ballet, beginning tap skills, tap routines, and improvisations with magical props and adorable costumes. Our dance class enriches your child in five areas of development: physical, creative, social, cognitive, and emotional. Children receive a gift that lasts a lifetime, the joy of dance! This class will conclude with a parent watch day!

Jr. Kindergarten: Joy of Dance Pre Primary II

When: Mondays 4:30-5:15 p.m.

Grade(s): Jr. Kindergarten

Price: $200.00

Young dancers are introduced to a beautiful pre‐primary classical ballet syllabus which incorporates magical variations and dance class etiquette. Cognitive skills of counting, sequencing, spatial awareness, and immersion in a second language (French), are introduced in this class. Dancers learn tap technique and delightful song and tap routines which develop coordination, rhythm, timing and stage presence. This class will conclude with a recital on June 4!

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: Joy of Dance HIP HOP Dance Class

When: Monday 5:15‐6:00 p.m.

Grade(s): Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Price: $200.00

In this class, young hip-hop artists will begin with the building blocks of jazz technique. This class develops increased body awareness, coordination, strength, and flexibility through jazz technique exercises, isolations, stretching, progressions, and combinations. This is a fun, fast-paced class filled with hip-funky moves to the latest kids’ rock and hip-hop tunes. The class will conclude with a recital on June 4th.

Preschool - Playground Science

When: Monday 3:45‐4:30 p.m. and 4:30-5:15pm

Grade(s): Preschool - Kindergarten

Price: $125.00

Come join Ms. Ponting for this awesome new class! We will talk about basic physics concepts such as gravity, motion, energy, friction and push and pull. We will be trying them on the playground and building structures such as model slides and swings to demonstrate these concepts.

Grades 2 - 8: Virtual Reality and Minecraft

When: Mondays from 3:45pm-4:45pm

Grade(s): 2 - 8

Price: $175.00

Come join Mr. Tony as we dive into the awesome world of Virtual Reality. Jedi Challenges Oculus Go and the HTC Vive, we have them all! Please join us for this exciting new After School Activity. Students will supplement their time by working on their Minecraft account when it is not their turn with the VR equipment.

Tuesdays (April 2 to May 28)

Preschool - Book Worms with Ms. Rice

When: Tuesdays 3:45pm-4:30pm and 4:30pm-5:15pm

Grade(s): Preschool - Jr. Kindergarten

Price: $125.00

We are very excited about this class led by our very own Ms. Rice! Come explore your inner Jackson Pollock as we dive into the awesome world of art. This might get a little messy as we explore drip painting and other styles of abstract art. Who knows? We may even have to throw some paint!

Grades K - 5: Chess Wizards

When: Tuesdays 3:45pm-4:45pm

Grade(s): 1 - 4

Price: $165.00

Chess Wizards is a premier chess education company providing fun, informative and challenging chess lessons to students. Chess Wizards teaches children many important life concepts, such as learning the ability to win graciously and accept defeat with dignity and sportsmanship. Students will be divided into groups according to their chess experience. At the end of this session, each student will have had the chance to participate in a mini-chess tournament.

Wednesdays (April 3 - May 29)

PS - K: Sports Mix

When: Wednesday 3:45-4:30pm

Grades: Preschool - Kindergarten

Price: $125

During this class, the time will be split between 4 weeks of Basketball and 4 weeks of T-ball. Basketball: March Madness!!! During this session, the children will learn all about the game of Basketball. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals including ball handling, passing, rebounding, shooting, and defensive skills. Players will also build on teamwork and sportsmanship. All equipment is provided. Other sports skills might be included such as relay races and agility skills with the training ladder and hurdles. T-Ball: This clinic introduces kids to the basics of T-Ball. Hitting, stance, fielding, throwing, and catching are only a few of the basics covered. Bring a glove if you have one, otherwise, all the equipment will be provided such as Velcro catch gloves, foxtails, bats, tees, bases, and More!

Grades 2 - 5: Rosie Riveters

When: Wednesdays 3:45pm-5:15pm

Grade(s): 2-5

Price: $250.00

Doing is how you learn. When you let children solve problems on their own, they learn to be more independent. With the confidence to fail, you arm yourself with the tools to win! Rosie Riveters is a non-profit organization that develops participants confidence, problem-solving and critical thinking skills through our hands-on and interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) projects.  During this 6-week after-school program participants will explore everything from hydraulics and circuits to polymers and biomechanics. In addition to an educational overview of a STEM concept, participants will engage in an interactive and hands-on building project that explores that concept. The program will conclude with a team challenge and presentation that showcases both the hard and soft skills learned throughout the program.

Grades JK - KJK: Unity in Diversity PROGRAM IS FULL!

When: Wednesdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm

Grade(s): 2 - K

Price: $150.00

Mooshee and Mrs. Razi are opening doors to a new language - come explore; play some, learn some and learn to love some - in FARSI.

Thursdays (April 4 - May 30)

Preschool - Kindergarten: Fitkids Soccer THIS PROGRAM IS FULL

When: Thursday 3:45‐4:30 pm and 4:30-5:15pm

Grade(s): Preschool to Kindergarten

Price: $125.00

Fit Kids™ soccer is designed for preschool children. Learning the basic skills of soccer develops motor skills, cognitive abilities and social interactions and relationships. This camp provides fun, fast‐paced series of games and activities. This clinic covers trapping, dribbling and shooting concepts.

Kindergarten - Grade 5: Art Brains

When: Thursday 3:45‐4:45 p.m.

Grade(s): Kindergarten to Grade 5

Price: $175.00

Using themes such as fossils, time travel, animals, music, outer space, maps, shadows, invented worlds and more, Art Brains kids continue to expand their minds and abilities after the normal school day has ended with an imaginative new project each class day. Art Brains runs in three sessions each school year - Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each season brings an all-new set of projects that use a variety of materials. Students typically draw, paint, sculpt, fabricate, write and more throughout the course of a session, and some sessions have included video and performative projects too.

Join us this spring and activate your *art brains*! Students will: invent their own hieroglyphs, make valentines for the natural world, create exotic pet monsters, fabricate tiny houses, create mixed media poem collages, accessories for invented superheroes, and more! See our website for more info, photos, and parent testimonials:

Kindergarten - Grade 4: Russian Language Class

When: Thursdays from 3:45pm-4:45pm

Grade(s): Kindergarten-Grade 4

Price: $150.00

We are excited to offer a Russian class this spring for K-4 students. In a dynamic and play-based environment, we will start with learning the alphabet, sound production, basic words, and phrases. We will focus on communicative skills (speaking and listening) and learn to have a simple conversation. Children will be introduced to Russian culture through fairy tales, traditional games, and classic stories. The class is taught by Sofia Kasmeridi, mother of Anna and Rafaella Lenco. Ms. Kasmeridi has over 10 years of experience teaching Russian in the DC area to kids and adults and is excited to share the language and culture with our students. She currently teaches Russian at the Department of State.” If your child is outside of the K-4 age range but interested in this class please let us know.

Fridays (April 5 to May 31)

PS - JK - Rocks Puddles and Soil

When: Friday 3:45 - 4:30pm 

Grades: Preschool - Kindergarten

Price: $100

Every young explorer’s dream! Come join Mr. Gene as we investigate all the cool outdoor opportunities our campus has to offer. No stone will go unturned and we will make sure to jump in every puddle. This will get messy!

K- 4: Fencing

When: Fridays from 3:45pm-4:45pm

Grade(s): Kindergarten-Grade 4

Price: $175.00

En Garde! Ready? Fence!  Join us for this awesome experience with NOVA fencing Club. We teach fencing using fun games and drills. Our students learn basic footwork and blade work skills from experienced coaches, who have developed both national and international competitors and several current Junior Olympians. 

Grades 1 - 4: Little Colts Academy

When: Friday 3:45-4:45pm

Grades: 1 - 4

Price: $195.00

This 8-week program offers Congressional students in 1st- 4th grade the opportunity to enhance their skills in various sports throughout the year. The Little Colts Academy main focus will be to develop a solid foundation of basic skills of soccer in each student in attendance. Each day will begin with small group skill development stations to improve on essential skills needed to participate with confidence and will end with small sided games. Older students will expand their knowledge of the game by learning both offensive and defensive strategies. Each student will receive a Little Colts Academy uniform and should wear it during each practice/game day. This class will be taught by our very own Coach B and Coach Kim!

Congressional Riding Academy

Join Congressional’ s fuzzy friends for horse riding lessons Monday-Friday after school. Our goal is to grow confident equestrians in a safe, fun, rider-centered environment. The Congressional Riding Academy helps students grow riding skills from beginner through intermediate levels, gain horsemanship knowledge, and develop friendships with two and four-legged friends. We believe working with horses builds on the school’s core values of integrity, kindness, perseverance, respect, and responsibility.


Questions? Please contact:

Gene Giammittorio
Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs