In addition to the Extended Hours Program, students may also enroll in a variety of after school electives. Examples of after school classes include FitKids Sports Mix, Lemonade Stand Entrepreneurs, Tinkerlab, Chess Wizards, Joy of Dance, and Equine Lessons, among many others. Designed to be both informative and engaging, the courses available run from 6-8 weeks, rotating on a trimester basis. Offerings vary per trimester based on availability and space.

Registration for these very popular electives is available at an additional cost. They are run by knowledgeable Congressional teachers and staff as well as outside vendors, and they provide an exciting addition to students’ experience at Congressional.

To register for After School Activities, please click here.


Preschool: Joy of Dance Pre Primary I

When: Monday 3:45‐4:30 p.m.

Grade(s): Preschool

Price: $225.00

Little dancers love this enchanting adventure in dance exploration. Children develop rhythm, grace, poise, coordination, and musicality through pre-primary classical ballet, beginning tap skills, tap routines, and improvisations with magical props and adorable costumes. Our dance class enriches your child in five areas of development: physical, creative, social, cognitive, and emotional. Children receive a gift that lasts a lifetime, the joy of dance! This class will conclude with a parent watch day!

Jr. Kindergarten: Joy of Dance Pre Primary II

When: Mondays 4:30-5:15 p.m.

Grade(s): Jr. Kindergarten

Price: $225.00

Young dancers are introduced to a beautiful pre-primary classical ballet syllabus which incorporates magical variations and dance class etiquette. Cognitive skills of counting, sequencing, spatial awareness, and immersion in a second language (French), are introduced in this class. Dancers learn tap technique and delightful song and tap routines which develop coordination, rhythm, timing and stage presence. This class will conclude with a parent watch day!

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: Joy of Dance HIP HOP Dance Class

When: Monday 5:15‐6:00 p.m.

Grade(s): Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Price: $225.00

In this class, young hip-hop artists will begin with the building blocks of jazz technique. This class develops increased body awareness, coordination, strength, and flexibility through jazz technique exercises, isolations, stretching, progressions, and combinations. This is a fun, fast-paced class filled with hip-funky moves to the latest kids’ rock and hip-hop tunes.

Preschool - Junior Kindergarten: Fun with Fossils

When: Mondays from 3:45 pm-4:30 pm and 4:30-5:15 pm

Grade(s): Preschool & Junior Kindergarten

Price: $150.00

Unearth your inner paleontologist and discover a whole new world hidden right underneath our feet! Figure out how fossils were formed, why different fossils are found where they are found around the world, and set up an excavation site to dig up the history of the footprints, plants, gems, and animal species preserved throughout time, and take home your own real fossilized dinosaur bones. Taught by our very own Ms. Anna! 

Grades 1-4: Snowy Soccer

When: Mondays from 3:45 pm-4:30 pm

Grade(s): Grades 1-4

Price: $150.00

Bring your hat and gloves and join Mr. O’Neil for this once a week soccer class on the field and sport court this winter. With a mix of foot skills training and fun games we will have a blast while getting some fresh air this winter season.


Preschool & Junior Kindergarten: Awesome Art

When: Tuesdays 3:45pm-4:15pm and 4:30pm-5:00pm

Grade(s): Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten

Price: $150.00

We are very excited about this class led by our very own Ms. Rice! Come explore your inner Jackson Pollock as we dive into the awesome world of art. This might get a little messy as we explore drip painting and other styles of abstract art. Who knows? We may even have to throw some paint!

Preschool - Kindergarten: Colts Construction

When: Tuesdays 3:45pm-4:30pm

Grade(s): Preschool - Kindergarten

Price: $150.00

Come join our very own Mr. Moses for this awesome new activity.  We will work on our own designs and create structures using different building materials. We will learn how to be creative while solving problems in the building process. Builders wanted!

Kindergarten - Grade 5: Chess Wizards

When: Tuesdays 3:45pm-4:45pm

Grade(s): Kindergarten-Grade 5

Price: $175.00

Learn the game of chess in a friendly, hands-on environment. Our instructor will teach your student everything they need to master the game, from rules and piece movements to opening and end game strategies. Students will have the opportunity to play games against one another and their instructors to further hone their skills. 

Grades 1-4: Congressional Cheer

When: Tuesdays 3:45pm-4:45pm

Grade(s): Grades 1-4

Price: $150.00 or $175.00

Come celebrate Congressional spirit with us and learn the basic skills to advance in the sport of cheerleading. Students will memorize cheers and learn proper technique. They will even have the chance to perform at some home games!


Preschool - Kindergarten: Fitkids Gymnastics

When: Wednesday 3:45-4:30 pm and 4:30 - 5:15 p.m.

Grades: Preschool-Kindergarten

Price: $150

This concentrated instruction on floor exercises, mat work, and stretches provides an exciting challenge for both boys and girls. Tumbling helps children develop self-confidence, body awareness, coordination, muscle strength, and discipline. Various rolls, cartwheels, tripods, and headstands will be covered.

Jr. Kindergarten - Kindergarten: Unity in Diversity

When: Wednesday 3:45-4:30 pm

Grades: Jr. Kindergarten - Kindergarten

Price: $150

Mooshee and Mrs. Razi are opening doors to a new language - come explore; play some, learn some, and learn to love some - in FARSI.

Grades 1 - 4: Horsemanship Classes

When: Wednesdays 3:45 - 4:45 pm

Grade(s): 1-4

Price: $150.00

The Congressional Riding Academy horses are now at their winter home in Luray. But that doesn't mean we stop thinking about horses! Come join our fun, interactive classes on all things horse related. Through games and activities, we will learn about horse care, including farrier and equine dentistry, horse anatomy, breeds and markings, and different riding disciplines. This class is highly recommended for students who plan to ride in the spring session.

Grades 2 - 4: Forts, Foraging and Footprints

When: Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:15 pm

Grade(s): 2-4

Price: $175.00

Want to learn how to survive in the wild, track game and build a shelter. This class is for you! Come join Mr. Gene where we will spend every Wednesday afternoon outside rain or shine. Students will learn to identify animal tracks and tell the direction they are headed. Build a shelter able to survive the cruel conditions of winter and forage the woods for food. What could be cooler...we might even add fire to the mix!


Preschool - Kindergarten: Fitkids Soccer

When: Thursday 3:45‐4:30 pm and 4:30 - 5:15 pm

Grade(s): Preschool-Kindergarten

Price: $150.00

Fit Kids™ soccer is designed for preschool children. Learning the basic skills of soccer develops motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social interactions and relationships. This camp provides fun, fast-paced series of games and activities. This clinic covers trapping, dribbling and shooting concepts.

Jr. Kindergarten - Grade 3: Science Seekers

When: Thursday 3:45‐4:30 pm 

Grade(s): Jr. Kindergarten - Grade 3

Price: $150.00

Plop plop, fizz fizz, what an awesome after school activity this is!  Join Ms. Phillips as we explore and introduce fun and crazy science experiments and seek out science fun in the classroom and the outdoors. Be prepared to get messy while learning in this fun and educational after-school activity. Ready? Set. Boom!  

Grades 1 - 4: Super Sports Mix

When: Thursday 3:45‐4:30 pm 

Grade(s): 1 to 4

Price: $150.00

Join Mr. Matt for a winter filled with exposure to different and exciting indoor and outdoor sports. From kicking and base-running to passing and shooting, students will jump straight in and rotate sports throughout the winter trimester. Students will play basketball, flag football, and kickball. Other indoor sports and games may be added as the trimester progresses, but students should be prepared to bundle up and dress warmly for some fun and super winter outdoor competition!

Grades 3-4: AweSTEM Coding Class

When: Thursdays from 3:45pm-4:30pm

Grade(s): 3-4

Price: $150.00

Ever had an idea for a new app or wanted to create your own website? Join AweSTEM where students will dive into an exploration of basic computer programming concepts. We will do hands on activities, write our own code, and talk about computer programming in our everyday lives (apps, artificial intelligence, and the internet)! Your students will create their own games, art, and digital stories that they can share - all while developing problem-solving, collaboration, persistence, and computational thinking skills. We will end the program by building our own website!


Preschool - Kindergarten: Whiz Kids

When: Friday 3:45 - 4:45pm 

Grades: Preschool-Kindergarten

Price: $175

Join us on a science discovery mission in chemistry! Experiment with everyday materials for a bubbling and brewing good time. There will be some explosions, a few creations, and a whole lot of discoveries. Don’t miss out on this mission!

Preschool-Kindergarten: Music Explorers

When: Fridays 3:45-4:30pm

Grades: Preschool - Kindergarten

Cost: $150.00

Come join our very own Ms. Rachel as we explore all the highs and lows music has to offer! We’ll use favorite songs, basic instruments, musical games, dance, and props as students sing and dance! Students will have a blast bouncing to the beat and keeping up with the tempo!

Kindergarten - Grade 4: Fencing

When: Friday 3:45-4:45 pm

Grades: K-4

Price: $200.00

En Garde! Ready? Fence!  Join us for this awesome experience with NOVA fencing Club. We teach fencing using fun games and drills. Our students learn basic footwork and blade work skills from experienced coaches, who have developed both national and international competitors and several current Junior Olympians. 

Congressional Riding Academy

Horseback riding lessons are offered Monday-Friday after school during the fall and spring. Check back in the spring for more specific information about lessons.


Questions? Please contact:

Gene Giammittorio
Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs