Our goal in Congressional's Visual Arts program is to enhance creativity, build confidence in self-expression, and cultivate an appreciation for art. Our students learn how to draw connections between history, math, culture, and visual art as they study and are inspired by artists across time. The program progressively builds on skills in kindergarten - 8th grade using age appropriate materials and techniques including drawing, painting, design, ceramics, mixed media, photography, digital arts, and more. Student creations decorate our halls, encouraging unique passions and pride to be reflected in their work.

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Students Respresented in Annual Spring Arts Showcase


Art Studios in the
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Studying Art from Around the World

“This year, I decided to deliver the curriculum with a broader world view,” states Ms. Philip, Primary and Lower School Art Teacher. “We’re taking the perspective of what art looks like around the world and the commonalities between them."

In November, students studied art from different countries in Africa. They looked at animals, Kente cloth, mud cloth, and a small sculpture from Ancient Egypt.

“Sometimes I select the region based on the time of year. I timed Mexico for late October to coincide with the Day of the Dead. In February, we’ll focus on African American artists. My hope is that each month, the students will gain a greater understanding of world art and can recognize artwork from different areas. I want them to be able to talk about the differences in artwork from around the world, as well as the commonalities.”


Congressional teachers engage students in learning that explores connections between different subject areas. Students demonstrate deeper and more authentic understanding when integrating knowledge from more than one discipline, and this type of learning helps in the development of critical thinking skills.  Art lends itself well to interdisciplinary learning. See examples below.

Art class decided to join in the Ancient Egyptian fun that 2nd grade is having in social studies. Students are making clay sarcophagi and pharaoh self-portraits!

Posted by Congressional School on Thursday, May 2, 2019

After completing climate change research in science, 6th grade worked in art class to turn their data into artwork that...

Posted by Congressional School on Wednesday, February 13, 2019


The Spring Arts Showcase is our annual event featuring the impressive artist accomplishments of every one of our students. The event begins with art displays filling our halls and lobbies. Each student from kindergarten through 8th grade have at least one piece of artwork shown. The art show is then followed by a concert showing musical and speaking talents.


Our 6th through 8th grade students take three choice electives every school year. During the 2018-2019 school year, these music electives, along with many other subject area electives, were offered.

November's international art focus was Africa, and to wrap up the month, students brought in inspired artwork and family items from the continent to share!

Posted by Congressional School on Monday, December 3, 2018