Speech and Drama is a core class required each year for all 5th-8th grade students. Through the class, middle school students are developing critical skills that they carry forward into high school, college, and careers. More than just speeches and improvisational scenes, this class represents an opportunity for students to build confidence speaking in front of their peers, develop their appreciation for drama as an art form, and to channel the emotions that are readily accessible to most children in this age group.

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Speeches Filmed for
Personal Reflection and Critique


Future Debate Team
Beginning Fall 2019


Middle School Students
Participate in Annual Musical


In Speech and Drama class, students focus on effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques as they progress through informative speeches to persuasive speeches to debates. As they grow in their abilities, they build upon the foundation by incorporating figurative language, impromptu speaking, paraphrasing, and incorporating visual media. 

Broadcast journalism is incorporated as well as they learn to read from a prompter, speak to the camera, collaboratively create scripts, conduct interviews, and film their own reports and public service announcements. 

Through drama, students have the opportunity to learn more about the use of voice and body in acting through improvised scenes, scripted scenes, character analysis, and monologues. 


Formal team debates are added to the Speech and Drama curriculum as 7th grade students venture into the world of persuasive speaking. Building on their public speaking experience in the previous two years, the 7th and 8th graders participate in parliamentary-style debates using the Middle School Public Debate Program (MSPDP) format. The debate topics can be rigorous in nature, but students have some buy-in on the topics to be tackled.


The school launched a competing Debate Team in 2019


Our 6th through 8th grade students take three choice electives including a variety of speech and drama classes along with many other subject area electives. Below is a sample.

Technical Theater


News Reporting


Our students love school musicals. From the initial announcement of the production to the auditions and rehearsals, to the night of the big performance, excitement runs high. From memorizing lines, scouting for props and preparing the backdrops, to making the costumes, working the sound system and stage lights, so much goes into a production, and Congressional students are involved every step of the way.

Read About Our Celebration of Over 20 Years of Musicals


While formal instruction doesn't enter the curriculum until middle school, our students are encouraged throughout all grades and subjects to continually build their confidence and ability at presenting in front of others.

Our students begin presenting and speaking in front of the class as early as preschool. It's no wonder they have such confidence in Speech Class when they get to middle school! #dedicatedtoyounglearners

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Each of our 2nd grade students chose a biome out of a hat and was challenged to become an expert of that biome! They...

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