Guidance for Long-Term Management of Remote Learning and Working

By Rebecca Ginnetti, School Counselor

As school communities and families have moved into a new way of engaging in school and learning while managing social distancing, we know this current situation causes increased levels of stress, worry, or anxiety. Read more

Study Strategies For Success - Podcast

Dr. Silvia Moore, Learning Center Director
Stefanie Hjalmervik, Learning Specialist

Having a difficult time guiding your child to engage with educational material at home? There are strategies out there to help you, and our experts are here to help. Our learning specialists discuss homework and study tips from the perspective of how learning happens—strategies that can also help with remote learning. What does cognitive, emotional, and behavioral learning look like? How can it be encouraged at a deeper level? Join us to find out! Listen to the podcast

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Talking to Children About Covid-19

By Rebecca Ginnetti, School Counselor

As school communities closely monitor COVID-19 and are closing or preparing for possible closure, we know this current situation may cause increased levels of worry or anxiety. Children and adults are managing a lot of information and a range of emotions in regards to possible changes in their routines, childcare, cancellation of events, fear of infection, and restricted activity in other areas of their lives such as recreation, sports, and getting together with friends. Read more

Tips for Managing Children's Digital Activity

Rebecca Ginnetti, School Counselor

Raising children to have healthy boundaries or limits with screen time/technology and to use technology in safe and kind ways is an important parental responsibility.  However, with students using technology for schoolwork, managing deadlines, games, and all the apps that allow young people to connect, learn, and be creative, keeping a pulse on how, when, and with whom children are using technology, can be challenging and feel like a daunting task.  Read more

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Valuable Parenting Tips From Educational Experts - Podcast

Rebecca Ginnetti, School Counselor
Brent Hinrichs, Associate Head of School and Director of Lower and Middle School
Kim O'Neil, Assistant Head of School and Director of Early Childhood and Primary School

Is this long period of staying at home highlighting making managing your children difficult? Listen to our podcast from our education experts for some solid tips on subjects such as children's desire for control and the importance of boundaries, providing children with the tools to communicate and regulate emotions, common challenges and tips for parenting younger children and much more. Listen now