In Person Learning With Simultaneous Virtual Learning

For Students in Kindergarten - Grade 8


What is bi-modal learning and which grades are eligible?

This learning scenario will be available to students in Kindergarten - 8th Grade who must remain out of school temporarily due to COVID-19 related concerns. Bi-modal includes two separate modes of education with some students learning in the classroom while others join their classmates and teachers virtually via a webcam in the classroom.

What technology will be used to connect bi-modal students to the classes?

Students who are enrolled in the bi-modal learning program will attend classes through GoogleMeet and the classes will be broadcast to them via webcam in the classroom. We are in the process of researching and testing recommended technologies which will involve a camera directed on the teacher. 

Will bi-modal students have an opportunity to work collaboratively with their classmates?

Bi-modal students will engage in synchronous and asynchronous learning throughout the school day and will participate using GoogleMeet, following the direction of their teachers throughout the day. In addition to independent student work, bi-modal students may also collaborate with their classmates on group projects in which all students, whether in class or at home, will gather via GoogleMeet. Students will follow a daily schedule that begins with the Morning Meeting.

What are the tuition insurance implications of choosing the bi-modal option?

If a family chooses that a student will  not attend the school physically due to their personal concerns, when the campus is open, their choice to study online would not count towards the requisite attendance requirement, unless they are an immune compromised student who provides certification by a doctor.

How will supplies and equipment needs be managed for bi-modal students?

Some classes may require materials and additional preparation for students at home. Families will be given advance notice of any items needed and a regular designated day will be established for families to pick up and drop off materials provided by the school. Some activities may require special equipment and a bimodal student’s participation may be limited to observing those classes and participating as feasible.  

How much parent support will be required for bi-modal students? 

Bi-modal learning will require substantial parent support, especially for the youngest learners. This support may include but is not limited to the pick up and drop off of supplies at school, assisting with gathering materials and supplies for the school day, assisting young children and keeping them focused and on task.

How do I sign my child up for bi-modal learning and do we have to commit to learning this way all year?

The bimodal learning program will be offered on a trimester basis and pre-registration is required via a request form. The deadline to request enrollment in bimodal learning is July 15, 2020. Families enrolling after that date may submit a request and consideration will be made on a case-by-case basis.

After completion of the form, a virtual meeting will be scheduled with the family to discuss the request. Parent support of students enrolled in bimodal learning is important, especially for primary and lower school students. In addition, there will be other requirements including access to a printer and scanner.

What are the dress code requirements for bi-modal students?
On non-PE days,  students are required to wear the regular school uniform. On PE days, students should wear the PE t-shirt and choice of shorts or pants.


To learn more or ask questions please contact:

Rachel Douglass
Admission Associate