Grade 3 Teacher


B.A., American University

Todd joined the Congressional family in 2004 after switching careers to become a teacher.  As a technology consultant, he gravitated to those moments when he was educating his clients to help them achieve.

In reflecting on his own education, growing up in Massachusetts, he says, “I felt that my teachers played an invaluable role due to the way they displayed a passion for their professions.  I have such fond memories of the dedicated teachers who helped shepherd me through my childhood.”  In 2004, Todd embarked on a career change through a special program at Old Dominion University so he could fulfill his own ambition to teach young children.  Outside of the classroom, Todd is an avid sports fan and a two-time fantasy baseball league winner.  When he’s not at school he enjoys running, playing cards and watching his kids play on their sports teams.


“My enthusiasm, patience, innovation, intelligence, penchant for entertaining, and a little luck have enabled me to provide my students with not only the quality education that I enjoyed, but, hopefully, the memories of an inspiring teacher.”

April Moyo

Librarian and Technology Integration Specialist

Ashley Spalletta

Music Teacher

Brent Hinrichs

Associate Head of School, Director of Lower and Middle School