Your Gift Matters

Whether children are getting uncontrollably excited about the “gummy bear experiment” or quietly marveling as a spider builds its web, they are doing what Congressional students do every day—engaging, inquiring, exploring, and having fun doing it.

When faculty members get down on the floor for a math game, keep up with a former student, or give a child a hug, they are doing what they have a calling for—taking teaching personally.

And whether parents, alumni, and other friends are contributing their time to the school or their money to the Congressional Fund, they are doing what generous donors have done for over 75 years—helping make it all possible.

Tuition does not cover all that goes into making a Congressional education exceptional. As with everything here, it takes our entire diverse and inclusive community to sustain Congressional’s excellence and ensure the bright futures of our young explorers.

Please share in our success by supporting Congressional School.



Chris Pryor, Director of Advancement.


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