Leadership takes on the most significant role in Middle School, where students are the big fish in a right-size pond at the right age. Middle School students can be role models and leaders, with the culminating privileges reserved for them. Little ones look up to them, and it builds confidence at an important age.

Every class has a buddy class, and every student has a buddy. The relationships forged across ages benefit both older and younger, mentor and mentee. Younger children delight in attention from older kids and see firsthand what they can become. Older students take the responsibility seriously and gain confidence. Students value the buddy program, and rightly so.

Great leaders are strong collaborators, and we offer many opportunities for students to work together in ways that inspire emerging leaders. Through the Student Council, students can run for office and represent their peers in leadership roles, students take lead roles in the spring musical production - back stage and on stage, students organize and lead Service Learning activities, plan and produce the school yearbook, participate in Model UN, and more.


"Whenever I see an eighth grader, I think it's a lot of responsibility. But when I'm in eighth grade people will look up to me and I think I'll like that a lot." - Parent


"Whenever you walk by kids who are younger than you, they always look up to you." - Student