Planned Giving

Including Congressional in your long-term financial planning can benefit you, your family, and the school. A planned gift to Congressional is an excellent way to realize a tax benefit now while investing in the future of the School without impacting your cash flow, lifestyle, or family security.

Our continuing mission, to prepare children to embrace the opportunities and responsibilities they will face as global citizens, is possible only thanks to supporters like you. When you plan a gift to Congressional in your long-term estate or financial plans, you can change the lives of future generations of students. You don’t have to be a certain age or extremely wealthy to make a big difference . . . you just need a plan.  Please review the list of opportunities to see how you can establish a planned gift arrangement that benefits you while helping to assure a brighter tomorrow for the School and its students.

Popular Giving Arrangements

Gifts from your Will or Trust
A bequest is a gift made through a donor’s will and is the simplest and most common planned gift. The advantages of making a gift through a bequest are that the donor does not have to part with any property until after death. Gift and estate taxes are avoided. Distributions can be made either as a specific dollar amount or as a percentage of the estate.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities
Gifts of stock, bonds, treasuries, and mutual funds that have increased in value are a win-win opportunity for you and for Congressional under current tax laws. You avoid paying capital gains on the increased value of the stock and you receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock when the gift is made. If you plan to make a gift of stock, please contact the Development Office at 703-533-9711 or development@csov.org.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property
Gifts of appreciated personal property such as paintings, library books, cars, or musical instruments entitle donors to a charitable deduction at market value if the use of such property is directly related to Congressional's educational mission.

Gifts of Life Insurance
The contribution of a life insurance policy is a popular method of creating a meaningful legacy at the school with relatively little cost to you.   Life insurance can be distributed to a charitable organization such as The Congressional Schools of Virginia by naming the school as a full or partial beneficiary of the policy, and you can claim a tax deduction for the value of the policy.

Gifts of Real Estate
You can donate your home or vacation property to Congressional as an outright donation, or as a retained life estate, reserving the right to continue living there for your lifetime or the lifetime of a family member. You will receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the property.  We are happy to consider gifts of real estate that may be useful to our program or can be easily sold.

Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets
Designating The Congressional Schools of Virginia as a beneficiary of a retirement plan is an easy way to make a bequest to Congressional and avoid both income and estate taxes on your gift.

For more information on making a gift that honors your philanthropic intentions, while achieving your financial and tax planning goals, or a leadership gift to a special, capital, or endowment initiative, please contact the Development Office