GRADES 7 - 8

Location: Online

Dates: July 6 - July 16 (2 Weeks): M-F 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Fee: $550

Prerequisite: None

Instructor: Rebecca Ginnetti


The Youth Leadership Institute II is designed for students entering Grades 7 and 8 interested in developing personal, organizational, and community leadership skills. The institute provides participants with the opportunity to identify unique strengths and passions, enhance self-image and self-confidence, and develop key leadership skills such as advocacy, goal setting, conflict resolution, emotional regulation, and cultural competency.The Youth Leadership institute aims to equip students to be change agents in their academic communities, learn how to be positive influences on those around them, and develop skills for identifying opportunities to lead.


By the end of this course, students will learn to greet and introduce themselves. They will be able to express time, likes and dislikes and favorite pastimes. Students will talk about what they have and need and their school, classes and favorite subjects. They will also learn to talk about plans and invite someone to do something. They will learn to describe people and family relationships, to talk about where they live and also to talk about their responsibilities.


Every class lesson will differ, but at every meeting students will engage in the following activities:

  • Review group norms to maintain a safe and productive learning environment.
  • Engage in a warm up activity to review skills/topics.
  • Students will report on their class blog question and summarize the responses received and what was learned.
  • A new skill/topic will be presented using video, guest speaker, and/or instructor presentation, and practiced through role play and/or interactive activity.

Independent Work

Students should expect to spend about 60 minutes of independent work after each lesson which may include one or more of the following: readings, self-reflection assignments, interviews, research, and work on their leadership projects.

Each student will post at least one class blog question, about which students will engage in a respectful and productive online dialog. Each poster will summarize responses to their question at the following class.

Throughout the two weeks, students' completion of readings and assignments will be essential for effective participation in class and personal growth. Students will complete a leadership project on a topic or issue they are passionate about. Students will have an opportunity to provide feedback to each other as they hone their final project.


Since students will be engaging in role playing, interactive activities, and sharing learnings in class, the teacher will have the opportunity to recognize skill usage, improvement, and provide productive feedback. The teacher will meet with students individually to assess individual growth, needs, questions, and/or concerns.


Students will complete a formal pre- and post-skills and attitude assessment to determine personal and skill growth. Students will complete a personality test to identify strengths and interests, a leadership style assessment, and informal questionnaires to identify attitudes and biases that may impact one’s ability to lead effectively. The assessments are designed to enhance self-awareness, personal growth, and enhance leadership skills. The final leadership project will provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning.