Painting Without Sight

Learning About John Bramblitt and the Five Senses in Kindergarten

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John Bramblitt is a blind painter. He began losing his sight in 2001. His paintings are internationally known and displayed. He is a story of perseverance and the perfect subject for our kindergarteners.

In Mrs. Turk's science, kindergarten is learning about the five senses. Did you know that when a person loses one sense, their other senses are heightened? When John Bramblitt lost his sense of sight at the age of thirty, he found that he was able to determine the color of paint by how it felt in his hands. By using his hands he could also feel the canvas and painted amazing paintings. His hands and sense of touch were his eyes.

As an experiment, our kindergarteners tried painting without sight. After they finished, they were asked what they thought about the experience. Their answers were very insightful...

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