Newcomers often comment that Congressional “feels like family,” but what’s remarkable about this family is all who belong to it. The diversity of our students is impressive, reflecting northern Virginia’s cultural tapestry and then some. We share our backgrounds and perspectives, and we teach values that enhance our sense of community, such as empathy, respect, and compassion. By learning about and celebrating what makes us different, we come together.

The Congressional community is multi-age as well as multicultural, with infants to young adolescents. Buddy classes foster relationships between young and “old,” benefiting both. Young children delight in the older kids’ attention, seeing what they can become. Older students take the responsibility seriously and gain confidence.

Our community does not end at age 13, however. Parents and teachers are members, too, partners in understanding and educating everyone’s children. Parents get involved and get to know other families—different in some ways, but united in appreciating the value of a great education.

In this all-caring, all-Congressional community, all are welcome.