Planning for Our Future

In 2021, the Board of Trustees established a Strategic Planning Committee, to engage in research and data gathering to inform the development of a strategic plan. The plan will build upon the accomplishments of the past three years while meeting the challenges of both the present and the future.

Core Strategic Planning Committee

Kristen Griest, Committee Chair, Board Member
Michael Gilbert, Board Member
Charles Hooper, Board Member
Heather Kiriakou, Board Member
Cheryl Vance, Board Chair
Edwin Gordon, Head of School

Strategic Planning Committee

James Greene, Board Member
John Tato, Board Member
Lisa Singleton, CFO/COO
Brian Krauss, Director of Physical Education and Athletics
Julio Lopez, Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
Jessica Madden, Early Childhood Teacher
Stephanie Phillips, Kindergarten Teacher
Sarah Smythe, Middle School Math Teacher
Allison Watson, Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Jonathan Winebrenner, Director of Human Resources and External Affairs

Implementation Team

Edwin Gordon, Head of School
Kay Lauren Miller, Associate Director of Learning and CTLI
Jonathan Winebrenner, Director of Human Resources and Strategic Initiatives

Five Strategic Priorities

Academic Excellence

Faculty Development

Enrollment, Access, and Affordability

Campus Development

Institution Building