Celebrating 30 Years with Infants and Toddlers

Congressional School's 30th Anniversary for their Early Childhood Program


This year, Congressional School is celebrating 30 years of providing outstanding childcare services to the community. Our Early Childhood program (known back then as the Infant and Toddler Center) began in the late 1980’s as a service for faculty and staff and has since grown from two sections to five. Grouped by age, each Early Childhood class is affectionately named after bugs with the Busy Bees being the youngest (0-6 months) and the Ladybugs, Butterflies, Fireflies and Dragonflies ranging in age from seven to 36 months.


The first spark of curiosity and excitement for learning begins at a very young age. Our nurturing Early Childhood program enjoys an abundance of resources made available as a result of its connection to the broader school community. Our youngest babies enjoy music lessons from a dedicated music teacher, and they absolutely love it! Learning is everywhere in Early Childhood and we celebrate every age level and developmental milestone. By the time our youngest Colts reach age three, they are more than ready for the challenges of preschool, where Congressional’s academic program begins in earnest.


Gladys Popovics

Lead Teacher, Busy Bees (6 Weeks - 6 Months). Joined in 2009.

“Infancy is a wondrous time of life. Working with infants, having a front row seat to observe and assist the tremendous developmental changes that take place in this earliest stage of life can be extremely rewarding. Aspects of a child’s development flow from meaningful interactions with those charged with his/her care. It is through this interaction that deep bonds of affection are formed between a child and the teachers. As these bonds form, we get to know each child’s unique personality and their ways of communicating.

It is important to balance the children’s schedule so that they get adequate sleep, food, and movement or exploration time to fill their ‘curious appetite. Having worked with the little ones since my son started kindergarten at Congressional in 2009, I have always endeavored to give the children placed in my care the very best care that I can. My son, Chris, graduated from Congressional in 2018, very well prepared for high school and our plan is to do the same for all the children in our care.”


Mirtha Caycho

Lead Teacher, Butterflies (16 months - 20 months). Joined in 1997.

“When I was a child I always wanted to be a teacher. Years passed, and I graduated in Early Childhood Education in my native country (Peru) but I never had the opportunity to work with kids there. When I came to the United States, I had the opportunity to work at Congressional School in the infant and toddler program; it was the most amazing experience, and I’m still here today. The opportunity to watch the children play, learn, and grow is something that I would never change.”


Did you know? 

Congressional’s Early Childhood Program was voted best Daycare in Falls Church by the readers of Falls Church News Press!

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