Fall Festival 2016

A long standing tradition... The Congressional School Fall Festival. Friends, family, alumni, students, teachers, staff, everyone!
4th design challenge

Sep 23 2016

Thinking Like Engineers

Most students think of design as creating a drawing or a logo. Third grade is learning that design is an integral part of engineering.
buddies recess

Jul 19 2016

Student Buddy Days

CONGRESSIONAL SCHOOL BLOG Buddy Days Congressional’s monthly student buddy days, bring the whole student community together to collaborate, learn and get to know each other. See our latest video featuring one of our favorite school activities. Share this post with your friends: BACK TO ALL POSTS   Congressional School Infant through Grade 8 Independent School…
jr kindergarten

May 19 2016

Community Helpers in Small Sizes

CONGRESSIONAL SCHOOL BLOG Community Helpers in Small Sizes This week, in Ms. Rice’s Junior Kindergarten class the students continued their ongoing study of community helpers. They discussed the many different people who work every day in the communities, and the class was particularly interested in construction workers. They decided to see what it was like…
art class

Apr 19 2016

Fourth Grade Still Life Collages

CONGRESSIONAL SCHOOL BLOG Still Life Collages in 4th Grade Students in the Ms. Philip’s Fourth Grade art class began an intense study of drawing with an introduction to still-life images. They learned about how artists create the illusion of depth with overlapping, relative size, and placement of objects.  With these ideas in mind, they practiced…
international night

Nov 15 2015

International Night 2015

CONGRESSIONAL SCHOOL BLOG International Night Tastings and Entertainment from Around the World Share this post with your friends: BACK TO ALL POSTS   Congressional School Infant through Grade 8 Independent School Visit Home Page Congressional School Follow @TwitterDev More Recent Posts: Highway to High School May 24, 2017 Service Learning: Students Work Shift at Food…


Oct 3 2019

You Are More Than What You See

This innovative 8th grade art project helped students look at themselves in a very different way.
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Jul 1 2019

Up for Debate

CONGRESSIONAL SCHOOL BLOG Up for Debate Through Congressional’s Speech and Drama curriculum, middle school students engage in specialized training to refine critical public speaking skills that they will carry forward into high school, college, and their careers. While Congressional students practice public speaking skills at all age levels (even in the Early Childhood Program), the…
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Mar 28 2019

The Power of Reading Aloud

Most parents understand the importance of reading to their children, but many parents might not realize the extent of the power that reading aloud brings to their child’s cognitive and literary development.
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