Congressional School
3229 Sleepy Hollow Rd
Falls Church, VA 22042

Phone Number (General): 703-533-9711

Phone Number (Admission): 703-533-1064

Hours: Monday - Friday from 7:00am-6:00pm


Main Entrance

Riding Ring

Barn and Stables

Equine Area

Devers Gymnasium

Tripps Run Creek

Big School

Advancement Office

Tripps Run Creek

Tripps Run Creek

Wading Pool

Water Slide

Parking Lot

Little School

Little School Parking

Sport Court


Soccer Field

Softball Field

Archery Range


Zip Line Ropes Element

Climbing Tower

Team Building Challenge Course

Tripps Run Nature Center

Pony Ring

Swimming Pool


Congressional faculty and staff are here to assist you by answering any questions you may have. Consult the list below, and either e-mail or telephone the appropriate person directly.

(To reach by telephone, dial (703) 533-9711 and ask for the extension noted)

Head of School: Janet F. Marsh | Ext. # 302

Director of Early Childhood and Primary School: Kim O'Neil | Ext. # 203

Early Childhood Coordinator: Stephanie Garcia | Ext. #412

Assistant Head of Academics and Director of Lower & Middle School: Brent Hinrichs | Ext. # 226

Director of Innovation and Learning: Andrea Weiss | Ext. #241

Director of Advancement: Chris Pryor | Ext. # 307

Director of Admission and Financial Aid: Gretchen Herbst | Ext. # 309

Director of Communications: Alyce Penn | Ext. # 303

Digital Media Specialist: Ru O'Dell | Ext. # 419

Registrar: Jackie Rose | Ext. # 413

Director of Finance & Operations: Fred Schwanke | Ext. 200

Facilities Coordinator: Pam Barkley | Ext. 314

Director Auxiliary Programs: Dan O'Neil | Ext. # 401

Director of Athletics & Physical Education: Tavis Laws | Ext. # 501

Director of Technology: Ali Sheibani | Ext. # 213